Intelligent management of aeronautical maintenance

What is F2RT?

When facing the main challenges in Aviation Industry, a versatile and robust tool is required to comply with the objectives and safety parameters ASAP. Created by experts in aviation maintenance, scheduling and LEAN processes, it comprises different modules for maintenance management of any type of aircraft through the use of management tools and visual indicators for real time decision making. 

What does it do?


Tracking and control of Aircraft Devices

Master Command

and Control (MCC)

Maintenance Capabilities Management

Quality control



Real Time

Decision Making

Why should you use F2RT?

This aircraft maintenance software optimizes multiple data sources and operational systems to REDUCE COSTS,

maximize efficiencies, and streamline access to critical data by enabling.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Real-time information:

Integrates the members of the organization in one place, since it can instantly generate alerts, events, meetings and records with the teams involved in different areas, which enhances the level of productivity and generates an added value to the organization.

Boost your business


Reduction of aircraft delivery times by 40% - 50%.

Increased productivity by 20% - 30%.

Reduction in inventory levels. 10% -50%

Flexibility in processes without variation with better quality for delivery estimates.

Increased efficiency of maintenance and line crews

MCC creation with international standards, maintenance information and technical support for follow-up.

Lower maintenance costs.

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